What is Search Engine Optimization and Why Should You Care?

Marketing your business has changed. In times past, hanging a sign at a busy crossroads would drive new customers to your door. Now, you are competing for clients who might never see your business in real life, nor even step foot in your home country. The key to bringing in new business today is creating a presence which can be found online through search engine optimization.

SEO Will Take You to the Top of the Page

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a technique designed to make your online presence known to anyone who searches the internet for services you provide. It is all about showing at the top of the page for search results. The stronger your optimization, the more likely you are to be found. If you do not optimize your beautiful website it will seldom be viewed, no matter how much you spend on its innovative design.

Google reigns supreme in the world of search engines although Bing is substantial enough to consider when optimizing. Most successful businesses optimize their websites for both. To increase your rank, you must understand what factors Google values when deciding on ranking. Your ability to rank number one, or even appear on the first page depends on it.

Keywords, Content, and Links for Higher Rankings

Search engines use complicated algorithms to assess your website and assign it a value. The algorithms take into account many factors, but the most important are keywords, content, and links. If you can provide quality content embedded with well-researched keywords and authoritative links, your site will be recognized by search engines and rewarded with a high ranking.

Many complicated theories exist as to the best way to optimize. Many leverage flaws in the most current algorithms being used. But Google is smart. These loopholes are usually quickly discovered and closed quickly. For sustained success in ranking your website at or near the top of the page, stick to the basics. Keywords, content, and links will not steer you wrong.

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