Quality Content is King

“Content is King”. This phrase has been uttered by marketers for decades. Unfortunately, it is only partly true. In reality, the sentence should read “Quality Content is King”, because without quality your website is not going to thrive.

For years internet marketers have gotten away with posting random articles all over their sites and calling it content. Sprinkle in a few keywords to attract the search engines and there you have it, an inbound marketing campaign. But what happens when the prospective leads show up? No conversions. Most don’t even stay on the page long enough to get to the strong call to action at the end of the article.

The Definition of Quality Content

Quality is a subjective term but it can be defined loosely in terms of online marketing. Quality content is evergreen, meaning it will be relevant to customers in your niche for an extended period of time. It is factual which is made clear by the inclusion of facts and figures linked to authoritative studies or subject matter experts.

Original and Actionable Content Sells

The best posts and articles are unique and original. They offer a perspective not seen before. The more actionable a post is, the longer your viewer will stay on the page. Great posts answer a question not solved before. They allow a viewer to learn and to grow. They offer value in exchange for the time it takes to visit your site.

If your content is both original and actionable, it will attract views and generate leads. People will come to your site and learn about your business. If your content is stale and offers no value, your sales will suffer.

The internet has become a vast sea of information. It is difficult for prospective customers to differentiate between the myriad of businesses selling the same service or product. Creating quality content is the best way to rise above the rest. By doing so you will generate more leads, convert more customers, and your search engine rankings will climb; all through intelligent online marketing.

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