How to Create a Customer Avatar

With so many different channels available to fill with content it can be difficult to keep your marketing tools focused on the right prospective customers. To address this issue, many online marketing experts create an avatar to represent their ideal customer, and they use this representation to target their campaigns for a better return on investment.

As a quality business, you have most likely compiled a good deal of data about your customers. Using this information to generate an avatar will guide your efforts to establishing the best target possible.

Here is a short checklist to use when creating your own ideal customer avatar.

Identify Key Demographics

Standard demographics are useful when identifying your ideal customer. Age, income level, and educational background should all be present as you develop a fictional buyer. Make a list of whatever characteristics are statistically relevant to include in the process.

Address Relevant Pain Points

To build a successful campaign, you must identify your customer’s pain points and address them. Your avatar is no different. Creating a buyer persona will allow you to find new ways to find prospective customers with similar problems such as online forums or social media groups.

Humanize Your Avatar

Unless you give your avatar a name and a background it has no more impact than using statistics on a spreadsheet to make decisions. You are creating a person. Your marketing team should have conversations with this customer and find out what makes them tick. The more realistic your avatar, the better your results will be.

Use Your Avatar to Focus Campaigns

It does no good to create the perfect buyer if you don’t use it for good. Weigh your campaigns against your ideal buyer persona’s opinion. In this way, you will receive invaluable input from your customer base.

Developing avatars is becoming more successful because they work. A detailed buyer persona provides information which raw data cannot. Create your ideal customer today. Your online marketing team will thank you.

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