How to Build an Online Marketing Sales Funnel

All the marketing efforts in the world will not produce more sales without a plan. One of the most effective strategies in online marketing today is a sales funnel. By creating this powerful tool, you will generate more leads and convert more prospects into sales.

How Does a Funnel Work?

A sales funnel is a process which transforms random people into repeat customers. Funnels focus on these three stages of viewers.


Leads are anyone who may know about your business and has the potential to become a customer. Some leads are “qualified”, meaning they have shown an interest in your product on some level. These are the people you want your funnel to specifically target.


Prospects are potential customers who have shown an interest in your services by making contact in some way. Perhaps they have signed up for a newsletter or volunteered information to be included on a mailing list. Prospects should be nurtured so that they ultimately take the final step which is buying.


Customers are people who have actually paid for what you are selling. However, the best funnels do not stop here. They aim to create repeat customers purchasing products up and down the entire product line.

How to Convert Leads

When a lead finds your business online it is critical to provide an effective landing page to initiate the sales funnel. Great landing pages are energetic, solve a problem, and end with a strong call to action.

Consider giving away something of value to trade for contact information. An authoritative e-book or exclusive access to quality content is often enough to entice a lead to leave their e-mail address for use in future promotions.

Building your sales funnel takes time but is well worth the effort. Capturing leads and converting them to customers is the goal of all online marketing. A sales funnel is the best way to achieve your sales goals and to maximize your online presence.

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