How Keywords Improve Your Online Marketing Results

Effective online marketing and search engine optimization begin with keywords. Without proper keywords, your efforts will most likely fail. After all, they are fundamental to attracting new clients and identifying who you are and what you do to your global customer base.

Keywords and Customers

Keywords are words or phrases people use when they search for something on the internet. For example, if someone wants a new phone one keyword would simply be “phone”. But narrowing down the keyword is important otherwise the topic becomes far too extensive. In this case, if you are selling Samsung phones you might try “Samsung phones”. Maybe “new Samsung phone” or “Galaxy S8” would match the searches made by your ideal customers even more identically.

The longer a keyword becomes, the more specific it will be to your target audience. Entire phrases can be used as a keyword. Longer keywords or key phrases are commonly referred to as long tail keywords. Long tails tend to generate less search traffic but produce higher conversion rates. This is due to the customer finding almost exactly what they are looking for when searching. A long tail keyword for our fictional phone seller might be “new Samsung phone with wraparound screen”.

How to Use Keywords

For a keyword to draw new customers it must be present on your site. The most common way to achieve this is to create quality content with embedded keywords. In the past, keywords were spread liberally throughout blog posts and articles. Now, Google will actually penalize a site for unnatural use of keywords.

A good rule of thumb for using keywords is placement in the title, first one hundred words, one sub heading, and the conclusion. For a 500-word post, this distribution would be ideal. Any more and you run the risk of over saturating your content and being flagged by Google as spam.

Understanding keywords is vital to effective internet marketing. Quality content with well-researched keywords will land your site high in the rankings. The next time you post content, be sure to include keywords. Your traffic will improve dramatically.

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